Career Tips

Write a Personal Mission Statement in Career Goals

Writing a mission statement is not just giving details of your aspirations for the job or position posted but it is done to declare all of your goals set to work in the particular position and also show deadlines to meet these goals and targets of your career. Moreover, a Personal Mission Statement should not […]

Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years

This is quite normal to wish for having Highest Paying job to live a good life hence everyone tries his/her best to get most suitable and Highest Paying job. This article would be of greater importance for you if you are also thinking about what can be Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years? […]

Types of Career Development

Career development can be said a lifelong process in which a person stays engage in growing with his/her contribution in the production system of society. It is also known as career and professional path of an individual. There are different elements, features and Types of Career Development.  Here, we are going to share some Career […]

Principles of Effective Career Planning

Planning is ongoing process of entire of our life and as concerned to career planning, we keep thinking and planning about going ahead from the recent position to the next level of achievement in our job and career. So, learning the Principles of Effective Career Planning becomes essential to be successful in professional life. Effective […]

Top Job Portals in Pakistan

Now the trends for employment and recruitment have changed and job search has been expanded over the globe. Now jobs and careers are available online and you don’t need to travel for far areas as done before. As concerned Job Portals in Pakistan, there are thousands of websites and portals that are listed with vacancies […]

Selling on Ebay UK/AU Basic & Advance

eBay is obviously one of biggest marketplace especially when you think of selling internationally. eBay is an online platform that provide equal opportunities to both sellers and buyers for selling and purchasing of products. Selling on eBay grants millions of buyers for purchasing things from this online business portal. Using eBay is very simple and […]

Responsibilities and Working as Amazon Virtual Assistant?

A person who provides best administrative support to the business owners whether they are offline or online is said virtual assistant. Here, we are going to share Responsibilities and Working as Amazon Virtual Assistant. So, an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who has tp perform an array of Roles and Responsibilities to save your […]

How to build Micro Private Label Assets on Amazon

It is quite simple about How to build Micro Private Label Assets on Amazon as private labeling is just giving label to your own inventories and selling them on Amazon. To build Private Label Assets on Amazon means you have to use your own packaging and labeling on your own products. Well, private labeling remains […]

How can I work for Amazon from home?

The network of home jobs has now extended a lot and there is much more that you can do as home job. Professional grounds are now beyond place and location as thousands of work types can be done while staying at home. Amazon is one of biggest merchant in the world and provides everything including […]