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Types of Cover Letters and Formats

A cover letter is very important tools in the process of job search; it separates you among competitors during job hunting. Basically, a cover letter tells the story of your professional skills, experience along with some necessary information. There are several Types of Cover Letters and Formats from which you can choose the right one just according to the requirements

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Should You Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause?

Ever heard or read about speak- no- ill policy? Well usually it is not offensive but if it permissibly binds with Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause policy. whether it appears in job contracts or as a separate agreement, People always are confused and fully triggered by this. They always have a question Should You Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause?  Every case regarding this clause is different

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Should you Change Companies or Stay Put? Pros VS Cons

Job hopping or job change is a very crucial point in one’s career path and the decision of caning companies should be done wisely considering all pros and cons of job change. Several factors involved in making the decision of changing company that may include dissatisfaction from salary package, uncomfortable workplace environment, on job conflicts, less or no opportunities for

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