Should You Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause?

Ever heard or read about speak- no- ill policy? Well usually it is not offensive but if it permissibly binds with Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause policy. whether it appears in job contracts or as a separate agreement, People always are confused and fully triggered by this. They always have a question Should You Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause?  Every case regarding this clause is different but some general information is here.

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A non-disparagement clause is the one that forbids putting negative remarks for the company or its belongings in any form of communication. It stops the workers to tell anyone that what is going on inside their company no matter you are telling this to some authority or your neighbor or a friend. If this news goes to your company then you are going to be fired. It is ordinary to be asked to Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause. Such an agreement prevents a company from dishonor if the relationship with that employee goes wrong due to some reasons. Besides business, it may be used at the time of divorce.

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The agreement using a non-disparagement clause broad formulation that forbids all types of disparagement. examples of some non-disparagement clauses are as follow.

“you are going to agree that

you just won’t belittle the company and you also will not encourage others to do that .for functioning of this agreement the term disparage includes comment without limitations without the regarding of medium used.

Such a statement is known as the non-disparagement clause. Words can differ but the context of the content is the same that is don’t say anything that can dishonor the company.

Now let’s come to the point of whether to Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause. The point to consider is that what are you getting in return? Is it worth you or not? if it is part of a job service the company is paying you for your silence or not? It is up to you that if the compensation is better than to  Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause. If you are laid off and you need money for survival then it’s better to sign it but if you have savings then it will be your choice to do whatever you want. Might your boss also be ready not saying anything bad about you if you sign that!

If you had signed such a clause then try not to break that agreement in ordinary circumstances. The consequences f this first is maybe financial. You may have to pay back the whole of the payment of your service or a

part of it. But exceptions are present everywhere.

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Should You Sign a Non-Disparagement Clause can be confusing and the circumstances may differ in every case. you should know the way what you have to do? and are you allowed to protect yourself or not? such a question from yourself will make you decide whether to sign a non-disparagement clause or not.






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