Concept of Career Planning and Development

Just before discussing the Concept of Career Planning and Development, we will take a glance over what is career basically. A career can be defined as a chain of jobs and work that a person keeps doing throughout his/her life. In other words, the professional path or working scenario of an individual is basically named a career. Career Planning and Development is the most important part of a career and visualizing a person in future years. As the name shows career planning is basically planning the entire process of work and job with respect to available resources and opportunities. Goals, objectives, and targets are clearly defined in the process of career planning. Further, we will clearly explain the Concept of Career Planning.concept-of--Career-PlanningWell, the Concept of Career Planning can be seen in managing different features of a career throughout the life of an individual. Career Planning and Development is based on different aspects that happen to occur in an individual’s professional life. For example, opportunities, availability of resources, personal and social circumstances, personal job-related weaknesses, strengths, and obviously wishes for getting a certain position in one’s career life are basic elements of career planning.

Career Planning and Development is important hence it can be done by individuals and sometimes organizations provide opportunities to excel in one’s job and work. Career education, information, and proper counseling can be provided to employees regarding career planning and management. Workshops, seminars, memoranda, and position papers are basic things to do regarding career education. Moreover, the Concept of Career Planning can also be discussed in terms of a major element and that is career change or job change. Sometimes, it becomes essential to switch the recent job and shift to another one that will obviously relate to previous job expertise, capabilities, qualification, professional skills, and experience as well.

There are several reasons for which Career Planning and Development is suggested for an individual and these reasons are:

In order to attract the more valued and competent employees and to retain them in the organization is one of the reasons for proper career planning.

It is also necessary to provide the most suitable promotions to the employees.

Employees can better prepare themselves to meet upcoming career challenges and threats.

Employee placement can also be collected in this way.

Employee dissatisfaction and turnover can be reduced by providing them best career planning facilities.

Career planning is also very helpful in increasing the motivation and morale of employees within the organization.concept-of--Career-Planning

All these are very important things for which the Concept of Career Planning is presented by an organization to its employees. Above all these, the process of Career Planning and Development is also very important as several things come in this category. Analyzing an individual’s skills, career demands, meeting required organizational goals and targets, coping with opportunities, establishing long and short-term career objectives, and implementing action plans of the organizations are basic things to do in the process of career planning. These are things that better relate to Career Planning and Development. So, this was a detailed but brief introduction to the Concept of Career Planning and Development. Good Luck!

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