Dangerous Professions in the World

When people talk about world’s most dangerous jobs, it means those with highest risk of injury or fatal injury. Several candidates are sitting in padded computer chairs, safe in office environment with only health hazards facing due to spilled coffee or like other threats. There are significant numbers of professions which have severe hazards like workers battling fatal injuries on job every day. Most people don’t willingly take on dangerous jobs knowing that there is a high chance of death. Although work related deaths have fallen over the years; some jobs are still and will continue to be incredibly dangerous. In America each year almost 6,000 deaths are caused due to work related accidents. Each year almost 1.4 million work related injuries require either medical attention or convalescence away from work. In a lot of dangerous jobs, the pay scale usually reflects degree of danger involved.
Dangerous Professions in the World
Fishing Industry
Extremely dangerous jobs are in fishing industry. It is top most dangerous profession due to increasing death rates every year. Fishing industry experienced 400 deaths per 100,000 employees in 1990s Alaskan fishing and shell fishing. Fishing is a high paying job for months of energetic work but it is dangerous and entails challenging working conditions. Deep sea fishing with deceitful weather conditions account for large percentage of deaths. Fishermen endure storms, fog, wind and hazardous working conditions which constantly put them to drowning. Fisherman can also suffer with serious injurious conditions while at sea like injury, illness or hypothermia. Medical help is not quickly accessible for them.
Timber Cutting
Timber cutting is one of the most dangerous jobs. People who cut down trees have an accident rate of 118 per 100,000 workers. Several deaths are occurring due to falling trees. The death rate for timber cutter is nearly 30 times that of average worker. Timber cutters earn around $60,000 US dollar (USD) over a ten month period.
Commercial Aircraft Pilots
Commercial aircraft pilots are also in dangerous jobs list. There are almost 70 deaths per 100,000 workers. One of the biggest factors in increasing death rates is weather conditions. Pilots flying in Alaska have highest fatality rate of all. An Alaskan pilot’s 30-40 years career has a one in eight chance of being fatally injured, according to National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.
Mining is also at the top of list as one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. Although with today’s sophisticated mining equipment, cave-ins are a frequent occurrence but large numbers of lives are lost because of this.
Military Serviceman
Military serviceman profession is one of the most dangerous professions. There are almost 111 deaths out of 100,000 workers. Potential dangerousness under this profession increases due to various circumstances. Military service has been especially dangerous in recent years due to rising conflict among various countries.
Dangerous Professions in the World
Electric Power Installer and Repairers
Power line installers and repairers climb up poles and towers to get and keep electricity up and running. There are almost 33 deaths out of 100,000 workers attached to this job. Power lines are typically high off ground so workers are at high risk of injury due to falls. These workers are often exposing to the risk of electrocution from contact with high-voltage power lines.
Construction Workers
Construction workers are performing a wide range of hazardous tasks. They work with heavy objects, great heights and bad weather. There are almost 23 deaths out of 100,000 workers. Some jobs expose workers to harmful materials like as chemicals, noise and dangerous machinery. All these things contribute to increase death and injuries.
There are several other dangerous jobs in which victims are at extremely high danger rate. Highway construction jobs involve various hazards. Farm workers profession is dangerous due to heavy machinery involved. Roofers, engineers and structural metal workers are also lies in the top most dangerous professions of the world. The below mentioned link provide you further information about world’s most dangerous careers where data is collected by public opinions and suggestions.

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