How to Write a Letter of Recommendation (With Examples)

A Letter of Recommendation is a particular type of a document that is written and provided by someone who has to recommend any person for certain job, internship, training, course, leading position etc. Main purpose of this letter is to validate the entire information and facts that an employer would come to know after reading the recommendation letter. Letter of recommendation is a professional document so it must be accomplished in the same way maintaining its professional look, format and content as well. Here, you can learn about How to Write a Letter of Recommendation (With Examples).

Here is an important thing to consider just before you start writing a Letter of Recommendation. You must be very honest in recommending any person for any purpose having sufficient information about his/her capabilities, experience, way or behavior of work and other relevant things regarding his/her personality. It is extremely important to be like professional before you recommend someone or write a letter of recommendation for this purpose.writing a letterNow, we will pass through the process of how to write a Letter of Recommendation in just a professional way. Here, we go for it:

First of all, choosing the right format is one of most important thing to do for making a letter of recommendation look more concise, accurate and professional. Basically, a letter of recommendation consists of 5 main points to include in it. For example:

  1. A brief introduction in which you would state the relationship with the applicant and all about your personal experience and expertise.
  2. An overview about the applicant making it sure that applicant is reliable and you have practiced working with that person.
  3. Describing personal traits of the applicant in the form of an interesting and convincing story.
  4. In closing statement, you would strongly recommend the applicant just elaborating why that person would be best fit for the opportunity.
  5. Signature containing your name and contact details.

After making a format for a Letter of Recommendation, it comes to accomplish the content of the letter and it must be:

Positive: It just means that the information and other relevant data you are going to describe in a letter of recommendation are absolutely true. In other words, again that person must be eligible for the recommendation.

Standard Tone: Letter of Recommendation must be writing in the professional, polite and convincing tone.

Focused: Letter of recommendation must be written focusing on providing details of personal traits and professional qualifications, expertise and skills that would be require for certain position.writting a letterFollow the Request Instructions: In this session, you must ask applicant to follow the instructions and things mentioned in the Letter of Recommendation. This is the way in which letter of recommendation can be more effective for the applicant.

This was a step b step process for How to Write a Letter of Recommendation (With Examples) however, you are also suggested to make use of templates that are more efficient ways to create such a professional like documents.

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