Landscape Architect Job Description

They plan, design and run open spaces including both natural and built environments. A landscape architect work together closely with landscape contractors as well as other experts, especially architects, planners, environmentalists and people working in reviewing and engineering functions.  An outstanding introduction to the occupation appears on the Landscape Institute’s website.

Landscape Architect Job Description

Typical work activities:

The typical work activities for a landscape architect include some or all of the following:

  • Managing the design of a mixture of projects including urban renewal schemes, pedestrian schemes, road or trade schemes and sustaining the character of sites of natural beauty.
  • Creating general landscape requirements with customers.
  • Conducting opening studies of the site.
  • Evaluating a site’s possible to meet the customer’s requirement.
  • Hauling out environmental impact assessments.
  • Looking for and intriguing into account the views of local resident’s possible users and parties with a vested interest in the project.
  • Specifically preparing and presenting detailed plans and working drawings including applications, construction details and requirements for the project.
  • Presenting proposals to customers, dealing with enquiries and cooperate with each other any modifications to final design.
  • Matching the customer’s wishes with your know-how of what will work best.
  • Get in touch with managing manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Making site visits.
  • Guarantee deadlines are met.
  • Coordinating with other experts on the project.
  • Examining and checking work on-site.
  • Empowering payment once work has been adequately completed.
  • Presenting public inquiries to give evidence if essential.
  • Creating new business opportunities.

Landscape Architect Job Description


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