Interview Tips

Evaluate Your Workplace Attitude

How you come across at work has a pretty powerful influence on your organization whether or not you realize it. They people you interact with, especially staff members you work with regularly, are affected by the way you treat them, including your responses to their questions, the feedback you give them and empathy you show […]

Why People Keep Salary Secret?

It is one of the golden rules of almost all organizations that they keep the salaries of their employees secret. A lot of official rules changed with the time, like people dress up casually in office, call their boss with names, keep flexible schedule for work etc. but the rule that remained unchanged and firm […]

Most often asked Interview Questions

Adequate preparation is key to great interview session. Job interview gives the potential employer a chance to know more and more about you. For answering the interview questions, candidates should be prepared mentally. Here is list of top most often asked questions in interview. 1.      Why do you want to work here? This common question […]