Most often asked Interview Questions

Adequate preparation is key to great interview session. Job interview gives the potential employer a chance to know more and more about you. For answering the interview questions, candidates should be prepared mentally. Here is list of top most often asked questions in interview.

1.      Why do you want to work here?

This common question is asked by employer very often and requires knowledge about company that you posses. You must highlight the aspects of the company where you have come to apply and make sure them in line with your goals and career ethics.

2.      Why should we hire you?

This question is mostly asked from candidates during interview sessions. To reply this question you must highlight your record achievements to convince the employer that you are the right person he is looking for.

3.      What are your career goals?

In such interview question, you should explain your aspirations whether they are long term or short term. Answer this question with confidence and greater responsibility.

4.      Why you are leaving your previous job?

Answer this question concisely as it is one of top interview questions if you are going to change your company. Don’t hesitate in explaining basic reasons for which your intention for job or company change developed.

5.      How you can differentiate yourself from other candidates?

This is the point where you have to sell yourself giving details of your professional skills and expertise in specific functional area of your previous job. Give details of outcomes of your responsibilities rather than describing your routine wise tasks.

6.      What are your strengths?

This question you can face from the perspective employer. What can be your strengths? Obviously good qualification, sound professional skills and above of all that experience of several year are your ultimate strengths that you should explain before employer.

7.      How long you would stay with us?

This question is one that is commonly asked by the employer and you should answer like ‘I would like to stay with you as long as I feel that I am contributing in growth and achievement of your organization.’

8.      Did you bring your resume with you?

When you go for job interview, you must take your resume and other documents along with you because this question is often asked from employer. Do not offer your resume if you are not asked.

9.      How much salary you are expecting from us?

Salary negotiation is also one contents of job interview and employer must ask for how much salary package you want to take from us or how much was your salary in previous job.

10.  What are your hobbies and outside interests?

Be alert and prepared for answering the question of employer. Employer may ask what are your hobbies and interests other than job activities.

These interview questions are frequently asked by the employer to know more and more about your personality, education, professional skills and expertise and also your motivation and dedication level to work with the organization.

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