Glossary of employment terms

Employment Terms vary department to department and organization to organization. Usually employment or job related terms are different in private employment sector and for government jobs. However, an employee has to encounter with lots of job related terms and employees should be well aware of Glossary of Employment Terms. Understanding multiple job related terms remains very effective in easier communication with colleagues and senior management, increase your confidence and understanding the workplace operating system. Glossary is a well compiled list of employment terms; here we go for it.

First of all, we will talk about Annual leave that is a part of employment agreement and contract. Taking annual leaves means you are allowed to stay off from your work within running year. These annual leaves are usually offered in all private and government sector. However, Glossary of Employment Terms consists of lots of other Employment Terms.

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System and it is available at the entrance of every organization. Especially security related organizations must use this tracking system to track the attendance and availability of their employees. This term is the foremost part of Employment Terms and Glossary of Employment Terms.Glossary-of-employment-termsAnother one is commonly used Employment Term and that is apprenticeship. Apprenticeship means training provided to employees and students to get knowledge and experience about the industry’s work.

From the Glossary of Employment Terms, branding statement is a typical term to be used in recruitment and human resources department. It means to let the potential employer know about the worth and capabilities of an employee who is looking for his/her career.

Compensation package is another one commonly used Employment Term and comes in the Glossary of Employment Terms. It means what salary package, incentives, bonuses and benefits an employer offers to his/her employees. Almost all types of benefits come in this category.

Continuity employment is also an Employment Term that is used in all employment sectors. This particular term means time for which an employee is working without taking any leave or break.

Deduction is also a commonly used term in employment sector. It means amount taken by employer from the salary of employees in terms of taxation, provident fund, house rent etc.

Dismissal is another one very commonly used term in employment sector. According to this term, an employee is terminated for any of his/her negligence, mistake on job. Employee is giving resignation against his/her will.

Glossary of Employment Terms

Employee is a person who is appointed for any of work or job in an organization. Almost everyone knows better about this employment term.

Employment permit is also a very common term that means giving permission to a person who wants to do job or work in other country that is not native to him/her. This permission is called employment permit.

Experience is said to be the past history of an employee’s work whether it is any course, training, professional skills, volunteer work or work in different organizations.

This is all about Glossary of Employment Terms.

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