Glossary of Key Career and Job Hunting Terms

Passing through the career path, we encounter with various terms to be used in career and job hunting process. Often we cannot understand these Job Hunting Terms and Glossary of Key Career and it becomes difficult to pass through the process of job hunting and other career related tasks and activities. For your convenience, here we are going to share Glossary of Key Career and Job Hunting Terms that would pretty much help you throughout your career. There can be some other names for these job hunting terms like employment terms, work words, phrases, job related jargon and office lingo as well. All these are relevant words for glossary of key career that everyone must know just before being professional.

List for Job Hunting Terms include:

Applicant: An applicant is a person who is seeking for job and this word is equally used for male and female individuals who look for jobs.

ATS: ATS stand for Application Tracking System and it is one of the most important and frequently used words for Glossary of Key Career. Basically it is software that is used by companies and entrepreneurs to find out the most appropriate candidates based on their resumes, professional skills, experience, expertise and other requirements for a specific job or post.Glossary-of-Key-Career-and-Job-Hunting-TermsJob Application: Job application is also one of most important Job Hunting Terms to be used in job hunting process. It is basically a document written by applicant to the company or potential employer to request for the job posted. There can be several forms of job application like a simple email, resume, cover letter etc.

Background Check: Background check is also important Glossary of key Career to be used in job hunting process. In this check, an individual or candidate’s qualification, experience, professional and other job related skills are checked under the requirements of job or position.

Benefits: We often encounter with the word benefits during job hunting process; it is name of items, services offered by entrepreneur to the applicant selected for the said position. For example, house rent, transport or fuel charges, medical facilities or insurance etc. When a person is going to be professional, he/she must be aware of these Job Hunting Terms to understand the entire system.

Branding Statement: Branding statement is a short or long statement given by applicant to the potential employer just to convince him/her about his/her validity for the said position in the company. It is also one of frequently used Job Hunting Terms and Glossary of Key Career.

Curriculum Vitae: Curriculum Vitae stand for CV that is one of the most important things to be used even the start of one’s career and profession. It is a document prepared by job applicants and candidates having detailed information about individual’s personal information, contacts, professional skills, experience, training, internships, qualification and everything that can relate with the positions for which he/she is going to apply in an organization.

So, this was few of Glossary of Key Career and Job Hunting Terms that you must know for better growth in your career path. Good Luck!

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